Fishing and Eden go hand in hand. Whether you're an avid fisherman or just like to throw a line in on holidays you're bound to catch something in the beauty that is Two Fold Bay. Here's a few of our recent haunts where we've caught a thing to two.

Eden has a lush history with fishing, built in the 1800's on the back of Eden's Whaling stations, Eden continued commercial fishing for a long time after that until it was restricted sometime in the 90's. (we aren't historians on this topic!)

Anyways what we've heard is that the reason Eden is so good for fishing is the shoreline's proximity to the intercontinental shelf, we've heard of people catching marlin off the beach... who knows if it's true!

We're not really avid fishermen, we don't mind spending time out on the water just taking it all in and from time to time we'll throw a line in. Self-caught fresh fish is amazing, good on the campfire or crumb up in the fry pan. 

Of course the day we go out to try and snag some fish with friends from Sydney and take some photos for this post, well we didn't have much luck. Always the way. The spots we've enjoyed so far, whether you catch anything or not we guess the point is you're out there taking in this special location.

The Jetty

When we say the jetty we don't mean the big wharf where all the boats are in town, we found this kinda rundown wharf around the back of Eden that is surrounded by yachts and seems to have a good vibe. We think there's plans for a refurb of this little jetty, for now it makes for a pretty fishing spot really close to town.

This place is called Weecon Cove. You actually will be casting into Two Fold Bay, around the corner from here is our favourite doggo beach too Cocora Beach, you can see it from the jetty.

Need to be careful here there's a few holes in it so if you've got doggos with you don't just let them run off in case they fall in - same goes with kids too haha.


Nullica River Inlet

This one isn't just a good fishing spot but it's a great spot for a barbie or a swim, it's where the Nullica River meets Two Fold Bay. The view from the beach is vast! It's doggo friendly too. The best thing about this place is even if you don't catch any fish you can always go and grab fish and chips from town and have a picnic on the tables (we've done that hahah). There's a spot here to have a small campfire too.

Because it's a river inlet obviously good spot for kayaking, SUPs etc. but no surfing at this beach as it's part of the bay so no waves. Makes for good spot for small kiddos to get their feet wet.