We spent an afternoon at North of Eden, a micro distillery in the Bega Valley known for their delicious gin. Local discoveries like these make our adventure building the ranch all the more fun.

On our search for local provisions for the stays we stumbled across North of Eden on Instagram, it was hard to scroll past videos of Gav making cocktails during lockdown with cows as his real life audience. Digging a little deeper into what they do we read that they were a micro distillery that made gin, it was quickly added to the list of places we wanted to visit as soon as we settled in Eden.

Off we went with a group of pals to the distillery one weekend, it was a stunning day the view over looking the Bega Valley was just what you would expect. One thing we were really looking forward to (apart from the cocktails) was meeting Hamish the cow - very exciting we got to give him a pat.

There's a beauty of a garden to enjoy the cocktails and the cellar door is open most weekends (12-5pm). We had a few cocktails, they have all your gin favs we had a Southside classic. We took home a taster pack with three of their most known gins, The Classic, The Admiral (not for the faint-hearted) and The Connoisseur so we could continue the festivities back home where no-one had to drive! Haha.

One thing we will be trying at some point is a gin cocktail you can cook by the fire from Harry Fisher’s Fire to Fork cookbook (you’ll find a copy in your stay), there’s a recipe in there called char-grilled grapefruit gin. We'll post up on Insta when we get the chance, sounds like a summer-time delight so stay tuned.

At the ranch we always envisaged offering a taste of local produce in our stays, when we’ve travelled to rural places we always make a point of grabbing some locally made goods to take home. Sometimes we found that we didn’t have time to visit all of the places we wanted to go, especially if we only were able to get away for a weekend and kind of missed out. We had a brainwave and thought how good would it be if you could buy local produce or booze upfront and enjoy it during your stay without leaving the ranch!! We haven’t really stayed anywhere that offered that kind of thing and wondered why not? Local provisions are coming soon!