Here’s our first timers itinerary for three days, it’s got a little bit of everything and something for everybody so you can make the most of your trip doing stuff that’s all killer no filler with plenty of rancho relax-o time.

When friends come to visit the ranch you’ll often find us cramming in as many adventures as possible. Sometimes we’ll do three days worth of things in one to make their trip really worthwhile but when you’re on holiday sometimes you just want to take the slow road.

Do you ever get a bit excited but then again a bit disheartened when you’re planning a trip? We do! You try to google and end up just finding whatever google tells you but nothing really that's on-your-level. We’re hoping to close that gap so if you get us, you’ll get the vibe of the places we’ll tell ya to go.

Being tourists in our own town we’re creating the ultimate itineraries for all kinds of people, the adventurers, the hikers, the foodies and the doggo lovers, let's call them "niche" itineraries until we run out of ideas.

Here’s our first timer itinerary for three days, we put together the usual places we take our mates on their ‘first time’ they come to stay. It’s a broad-brush of cool things we like in the deep south to keep everyone happy on holidays!

The best thing about this itinerary is that its almost all doggo friendly!

Day One

Morning walks are our jam, especially when the air is crisp and the birds are singing. Take a drive out to Nethercote Falls, it's about a 20 minute drive from the ranch going through South Pambula. The falls are really cool, it's a bit of a morning work-out a steep decline down to the Yowaka River, over the river then up the bush track. It's doggo friendly and absolutely swimmable. There's a deep pool in a rock gorge with the waterfall at one end. Morning fresh water swim will wake you up to start the day!

On the way back, drop through Pambula and head to Wild Ryes grab some bakery treats and a coffee. While your there pop into Pambula Wholefoods to get some local produce for dinner to cook back at the ranch tonight. If you need more groceries there's a FoodWorks just up the street, they stock Tilba Cheese and other local delights.

With coffee in hand head down to Pambula River Mouth sit down by the river and enjoy your sweet treats while you come down from the high energy trek to the falls. Yep you can take the doggo.

Head back to the ranch for a little recoup... because you're going to check out Longstocking Brewery back in Pambula next. The brewery has a beauty of a beer garden, try the paddle of local craft beers made right there. Highly recommend the Apple & Rhubarb cider with a slice of orange and we're also partial to their XPA. If you're still feeling peckish grab a couple of wood-fired pizzas and just enjoy the moment. Grab some takeaways to have with dinner, they do a mixed six which is always good. Longstocking love doggos too.

After a pretty big day you're up for a relaxing night by the fire, you've got local produce and brews in hand for the ultimate rancho relaxo campfire cook up (or BBQ) and a night listening to the fire crackle and gazing at the stars.


  • Nethercote Falls
  • Wild Ryes
  • Pambula Wholefoods
  • Pambula River Mouth
  • Longstocking Brewery

Day Two

You'll spend most of the day today in Eden, before you head out this morning you'll want to pack the car with some fishing gear and beach towels.

You'll start the day with a yummo breakfast at Sprout. The coffee is good, the people are friendly and there's plenty of your usual cafe-style breaky meals to choose from! Made with lots of local produce, this is our favourite cafe in town. And it's got a garden out the back or seats out the front where you can take the doggo.

If something takes your fancy in the heavily stocked cabinet - grab it - you'll enjoy that in the next few hours.

Now with a belly full you're ready to check out Two Fold Bay, the bay spreads along the shoreline of Eden it's really hard to miss. Take a drive down to Aslings Beach and head to Aslings Rock Pool. Take a dip and look out over the expansive bay, that water is crystal clear you'll leave feeling refreshed!

Jump back in the car, stop by the Rusty Plough and grab some bait because you're about to head to the other side of Eden to do a spot of fishing on the jetty, with any luck you'll be catching fish to cook up at the ranch! If no luck it's ok, just being out there on the water is a beauty watching the boats in the bay float by.

From here you can drive around the bay to a couple of places either...

Cocora Beach, a really small beach that you can see from the jetty. It's doggo friendly and has all the amenities. It's the start of the Bundian Way Story Trail, a walk with indigenous heritage and educational signs along the way. The views from the various lookouts are spectacular, the track is about 3km round trip if you head the entire way round to Quarantine Bay.

OR you're also really close to the Nullica River Inlet, where you could go for another swim, throw the line in here or take a long walk up the beach to the Seahorse Inn. The tale goes that this building was set to be Australia's Parliament House (not sure how true it is, but we never let the truth get in the way of a good story) take a look around yep they have coffee and you could stop in for lunch if you're feeling hungry.

Both Cocora Beach and Nullica River Inlet are dog friendly.

The day is not over yet! Still so much exploring to do. The next stop from here would be to head back north towards the ranch, either drop by and have a little rest or keep going to explore the northern end of the Beowa National Park. There's a tonne of tracks through here accessible by 2wd, the absolute MUST-DO is to head to the Pinnacles Loop Walking track. It's not very long but it has the most reward - enjoy the view. If you have time and energy, explore tracks and beaches like Severs Beach. Note though dogs aren't allowed in the national parks, if you really want to explore the parks we'd suggest checking your doggo into Pambula Boarding Kennels for doggy daycare where they can play with other doggos all day while you're out.

After a day of exploring, who feels like cooking?! Head back to the ranch, take a shower and freshen up because you're going for burgers at Dulcies Cottage in Merimbula tonight! One of our favourite places to eat, yep it's about a 25 minute drive but it's worth it - bloody delicious. There's plenty of outdoor seating for the pooch.


  • Sprout Cafe
  • Aslings Beach & Rockpool
  • The Jetty
  • Cocora Beach & Bundian Trail OR
  • Nullica River Inlet
  • The Pinnacles & Beowa National Park
  • Dulcies Cottage

Day Three

You're taking it easy this morning, there's still adventures to be had but you had a big day yesterday! Head into Merimbula for a little explore, you'll start with a light bagel breaky and coffee at Fleetwood Coffee in town, there's a heap of outdoor seating. And mosey through the shops while you're there - if you're into adventure gear check out Daytrip Store.

The morning is floaty, you'll take a walk next around the lake and head to the Merimbula Boardwalk (dog friendly). Really take in the lake with this slow walk through the mangroves, there's lots of sitting spots and fish spotting to do. It's quite a long walk so turn around and head back when you're ready.

From Merimbula, go one of two ways.

Head inland to Candelo, driving through cow spotted paddocks the true essence of what you'd expect from the Bega Valley. Once you get to Candelo, you'll go to Candelo General Store with lots of local produce and things. You can have lunch here before you leave. If you're lucky Candelo Markets will be on and you'll get to do that (first Sunday of the month).

OR head further north to Tathra where you can explore the famous Tathra Wharf, learn a little about the history of the FSC and have lunch at Tathra Hotel overlooking the ocean - epic views here. The hotel is home to Humpback Brewery for another local craft beer fix. While you're in Tathra you might want to head to the beach for a swim before heading back.

Both Candelo General Store and Tathra Hotel are dog friendly.

On the way back make a stop in at Broadwater Oysters for takeaway to bring back to the ranch, cook up a BBQ and enjoy the freshest Sydney Rock Oysters as your entree - if you're like us they probably won't make it back to the ranch haha. Not into oysters? Grab some produce either in Merimbula.

You've had a pretty full few days, so an afternoon exploring the ranch is probably on the cards. Stay in tonight, cook up a barbie (if you're lucky you'll have a fish from yesterday!), read a book or play some Yahtzee and just unwind before you leave tomorrow.


  • Fleetwood Coffee
  • Merimbula Boardwalk
  • Candelo & Candelo General Store OR
  • Tathra Wharf & Tathra Hotel
  • Broadwater Oysters