Eden's crown jewel, Aslings Pool. That sapphire blue water, clean and crystal sand, sky-high pink rocks - what's not to love. We took the drone out to get a topside view of the pool everyone raves about, only 5 minutes drive from the ranch.

Now if you look at hashtags on Instagram you'll see that Aslings Pool is one of the most visited and photographed location in Eden. It's located on Aslings Beach which is the main beach in town. There's a caravan park at one end, if you walk all the way to the other you hit the pool so there's no denying in summer it's a tourist hot spot.

All the same we thought it was worth showing you it's beauty and in winter there's not a soul in sight so you have the beach and the pool all to yourself, it's a shame the water is bloody freezing this time of year! Haha. We'll do an update here in summer when we actually go for a swim.

If you're into rock fishing might be worth taking your rod down, there's a great shelf to cast out into the long deep water. The view from the pool is pretty amazing, the ocean feels so big in Eden we guess that's why the whales love to come hang out and play.

Oh and if you're into super cool cemeteries, you'll find that across the road. Best view in Eden! Typical.