Only a 5 minute drive from the ranch find northern end of the Beowa (Ben Boyd) National Park, swim the secluded beaches, enjoy fresh air with a hike and see the grandeur of the Pinnacle rock formations in all their glory.

Being a tourist in our own town we wanted to do and see EVERYTHING, we haven't really hit the surface of the wonders that surround us yet but what we have done is most of the tracks at the northern end of the Ben Boyd National Park - literally across the road. 

The water never ceases to amaze us here, we're not sure if it's because of the temperature or the depth but that sapphire blue aka Sapphire Coast really shines through on just about every beach we've visited. Here are a few of our top picks for the northern end - and no you don't need a 4wd to get to them.

Pinnacle Rocks

This has to be one of the crown jewels of the Sapphire Coast, it's the most amazing rock formation deep in colour and lots of history. There is a track called the Pinnacle Loop Track which is a really easy walk and has an impressive lookout where you can grasp the shear vastness of this natural wonder. This is on our must-do's.

We are yet to actually make it down to the front face of the rocks themselves because if you don't get the tides right you can't actually walk to the rocks, there's another walking track that actually takes you down to the beach which regardless of the tide it's an amazing walk through the dunes and down the rocks.



Severs Beach

A little further you'll come across a sign to Sever's Beach, now whilst it's 2wd friendly there is a few bumps on the track you'll need to be careful of. This beach is on the opposite side of the Pambula River Mouth, again boasting incredibly blue water and great for a little campfire cook and day at the beach. It's not a surf beach, it's really part of the river so there's no waves but great to swan around in the water. Good fishing spot too. Our favourite beach so far!

There's about a 700m walk from the car park down to the water, it's obviously beautiful like a rainforest vibe. Then has a winding decked walkway which heads through the clearing and arrives at a spot where you can light a small fire to keep warm in the winter months or cook up a feast for lunch.


Barmouth Beach to Haycock Point

One for the hikers (or not!) Barmouth Beach is directly across from the Pambula River Mouth, you can see from the shore. It's covered in red rocks that line the oceanside all through the sapphire coast. Great spot for a swim and way less busy than the Pambula River Mouth but with the same beauty! Our tip! If you want to go for a hike you can head on the 2.4km walking trail down to Haycock Point, fairly easy and always beautiful.