One of the first beaches we visited after settling in Eden, Pambula River Mouth is a stunner. Well known for its crystal blue waters you'll find blow up flamingoes, SUPs and kayaks paddling around between all the swimmers - and it's doggo friendly.

The thing we really like about this beach is you can take doggos... that was really why it was one of the first beaches we visited we were on the hunt for good doggo beaches. You'll also find showers, toilet, picnic area and playground for kiddos and being more like a bay than a beach its ideal for kiddos to go swimming without any trouble.

Along the water line if you follow up a bit further it does turn into the Ben Boyd National Park so doggos can't travel too far on the beach, but that means there's some hiking trails along the shore that take you up to a lookout. There's also some old water sheds which make for cracking photos and great little walk to explore.

On the top of the hill before you hit the beach there's a few light-hearted easy walking trails you can follow that look over the vast ocean and Pambula Beach itself. Pambula Beach is only a short drive around the corner, it's a surf beach so if you have the board you won't miss out either.

One thing we did notice on our first venture to this beach is that across the river mouth is another amazing beach, it's the same waters just the other side. We had no idea on how to get there at the time but a few more weeks exploring we hit the jackpot - our tip if you want to be a little more secluded and don't have a doggo with you or mind not having the convenient facilities that this tourist hot spot provides you should go to either Barmouth or Severs Beach, check out our post.