A day out in a tinny is the perfect way to see the pristine forests, unspoilt beaches and clear the mind. Cruise around Wonboyn Lake renowned for its breathtaking beauty for a spot of fishing or just watching nature go by.

Wonboyn Lake is about 20 minute drive south of Eden, not too far and definitely unseen territory. First impressions of the area reminded us of "going to the lake house" kinda vibe, like American Summer camps. It's shady and bushy like that around the edges, there's only a few houses in the area so ever place feels really remote and you're in your own sanctuary down there. The lake itself is lined with small oyster farms, the water is clear and fresh, the air is crisp, it's gotta be one of the cleanest lakes we've ever seen.

If you don't have a boat, no worries, it was part of the experience - we were like kids in a candy shop! We hired a tinny from Wonboyn Lake Caravan Park, the guys gave us a map of the lake so we could navigate our way around and avoid getting the tinny beached (there's low spots). They told us the good fishing spots and types of lures etc. to use. They have a little cafe there too for a coffee before you go and some rad tourist gear if you need to grab a souvenir.

We took a couple of rods because the fishing on this lake is epic, but didn't matter if we took rods or not the scenery and fun of spinning the tinny around the lake was totally enough for us.

The guys at the caravan park told us that most of the time it's quiet, like the day we went it was smack bang in the middle of winter so it wasn't surprising we pretty much had the lake to ourselves. At Christmas and Easter holidays though this place is teaming with people it's a super popular spot for family holiday makers down south, it's so hard to believe it could be so busy.

You can hire the tinnies for half day or full day, they don't go fast and super easy to drive so you can't really go wrong. For a $100 half a day's entertainment in a beautiful part of the world for four people surrounded by nature great value if you ask us. We'll definitely be heading back to go for a swim in summer!