A quaint little town with a big heart, Candelo surrounded by farms is the true essence of the Bega Valley and then some. Spend a day driving the country roads, stop for lunch at Candelo General Store and if you're lucky the monthly markets will be on.

Candelo with a small population it's really a one street town amongst hundreds of undulating acres of cattle and sheep farms. From Eden it's a beautiful drive follow the rivers past Pambula on the highway then a left turn up into the valley itself through Wolumla (which has a great Aussie pub we haven't tried yet). It's easy to forget the agricultural landscape that sits behind the national parks and beaches that surround the ranch.

It's about a 50kms drive out to Candelo from the ranch, sounds like a fair drive but it doesn't feel like it when you're on the road. If you're on a bike it's even better, 100kms slight winding roads make for an epic drive on a nice day with classic Aussie country scenery you just can't beat.

Candelo General Store is a highlight for the day, on one side it has fresh local produce and a typical general store vibe with all the necessities for the locals that need a store with practical everyday supplies. On the other side is a bustling cafe with homemade treats like sausage rolls and cakes, they serve up bigger lunches with burgers and veggie bowls. The retro signage just adds to the vibe of the town keeping to its original roots. Oh and it's licensed too.

If you're lucky and in town for the Candelo Markets you're in for a real treat, it's literally one of the best markets we've been to in a long long time. It's got all your classics from the mini pancake man, the local charity BBQ, secondhand dealers of all sorts of farming gear, native plant nursery, flowers, fruit and veg, the honey guy - everything you want at a market it's got it. It's also busy, but not too busy, a community vibe where you can tell the locals go mixed in with us blow-ins.

Candelo Markets are on the first Sunday of every month. Here's a link to their Facebook page if you want more information on the next market.