Down at the ranch when we’re not getting wild we’re on the unwind. We’ve put together those smooth tunes we like listening to on the in-cabin record player onto a Spotify playlist so you can play at home.

Spinning vinyl is one of Anna’s primo ways to relax, imagine putting the kettle on after a hot shower, lighting some incense then sitting back letting the music take you. Especially good after a long day hiking in the National Parks! So of course we had to put record players in our stays with a streamlined sweet selection of records for the different moods you’ll go through during your time at the ranch.

Some of you may not have played a record for a really long time, or ever at all. It’s a soothing experience, music just sounds different, it’s analog and requires you to manually get hands on flipping the record when it ends. We’ll give you some instructions :)

We know most of you like to stream your music and we do too when we’re looking for that background tune, for a driving sing-a-long or just getting lost in the sounds. We’ve compiled the ultimate ranch playlist so you can continue your journey with us even after you’ve left. Like we say you’re only a stranger here but once.

On our first rendition of a playlist Ranch Radio you can listen to some lesser known country music from the 70’s by Willie Nelson or more modern chilled out vibes from bands like Allah-Las. Add a bit of blues by CW Stoneking to the mix and get lost with country soundscapes from masked man Orville Peck. Probably one of our most played albums long before the ranch has been Psychotropic by the Los Tones, if anyone can convince them to do a rerun of this on vinyl please let us know!

We’ve added a couple of playlists by some of our mates or people we’ve stumbled across that we think brings a vibe, when you find a good playlist it's a shame not to share. Meditate to playlists from High Moon or get more of the blues with Drey Rollan.

The ranch in-stay record collection will change and evolve over time, just like our life here at the ranch and experiences do. We’ll keep the list updated on our website and Spotify so you know what you’ll be spinning during your stay.

All our stays come with a basic record player set up, an all in one Crosley. We like this because it's easy to use and comes with built in speakers and bluetooth so if you don’t feel like playing our records you can still listen to your favourite tunes streaming from your phone.

Whilst they say fat bottom girls make the rockin world go round we think music does too.