The ranch dam is our own waterway of life, it provides water for our wildlife residents and provides the perfect backdrop to an afternoon of slow activity, relaxation and fun times. Take a picnic, a few local brews and nestle into a good book or try and roll a Yahtzee!

When we were looking for a property to start this adventure, we really, really wanted our own source of water on the property and we're lucky the ranch has two dams! The big dam is just down the hill from the Barn and Barn Studio and there's another smaller dam up the top of the property which is home to SO MANY frogs. 

The big dam is going to form part of our rewilding activities which we're hoping to start sometime in October it will involve restoration of our dam jetty and planting native vegetation, for now the dam provides a beautiful backdrop of nature to explore. It's also a mighty fine way to unwind in the wilderness and listen to the sounds that our natural wonders provide.

Often we'll walk down to the dam and spot a wallaby or two, we'll always see birdlife and occasionally we have a family of ducks that may go for a splash. Because we love spending time on this part of the property so much we've made a little area to spend some downtime, built a picnic area and a spot to have a small campfire. It's easy to take down a few drinks, sit by the campfire and enjoy some time together or alone-time with a good book.

During lockdown we really got into playing Yahtzee so now that's a thing here at the ranch, in the Barn Studio find the game and instructions (us Aussies really don't know how to play it! haha) playing a few games down by the dam with a few brews is highly recommended!