How good is cooking on the campfire?! If you haven't tried it, it's a must-do experience here at the ranch. We'll publish a campfire cook recipes we've tried out to give you some inspiration during your stay. This recipe combines the love of a few things; growing your own food, Aussie bush tucker and cooking on the campfire.

It was always part of the dream that when staying at the ranch you could eat from the land, whilst growing our own veggies is a sustainable way of living we wanted to give a different experience and learn about what we would grow and eat that was native. One thing about us is while we love nature, we’re not such great gardeners we get distracted too easily and forget to care for our plants so growing natives felt like the right choice. Low maintenance and happy in its natural environment.

Also, culturally we wanted to learn more about the types of native plants that have been consumed by indigenous peoples long before our time, we were surprised how many different native plant varieties there were that were actually edible.

A really versatile native vegetable we grow is warrigal greens, you can basically substitute spinach for warrigal greens as it has a similar texture and taste. One our our favourite spinach recipes is spanakopita, deliciously salty and fresh, so instead of spinach we tried the warrigal greens and it turned out a treat. You could try doing a spanakopita on the campfire if you can get the temp right in the camp oven, but this time round we thought we'd try a simple approach where we converted the spanakopita into little triangles kind of like a pastizzi. These are the perfect size for an afternoon snack or served up with salad or veg for dinner, oh and easy to share!

We grow warrigal greens in our shared native veggie patch you're welcome to help yourself.


Warrigal Greens
Spring Onions
Olive Oil
Filo Pastry
Sesame Seeds
Salt & Pepper


    Chop down warrigal greens, rocket and spring onions, combine in a camp oven, add a splash of olive oil and seasoning. Cook over the campfire for 10 mins, turning every few minutes. Remove from the camp oven into a bowl set aside to cool. Add feta and dill to the warrigal green mixture, toss to combine.

    Toss sesame seeds into skillet, cook over the campfire for a few minutes until brown. Set aside to cool.

    Cut filo pastry into 5cm wide strips, add warrigal green mixture to one end of the pastry and fold into triangles, folding the pastry onto itself. Drizzle olive oil as you go and sprinkle with cooked sesame seeds. Place filled pastry triangles into the camp oven, cook over the campfire for a couple of minutes each side. Enjoy!